Consulting in Behavioral Economics & Finance

Behavioral economics & finance endeavor to better understand economic decisions and behavior by consumers, borrowers, investors, and those who professionally work with them. It combines the two disciplines of psychology and economics to explain why and how people make the decisions they do when they spend, invest, save and borrow money. This specialty further focuses on how investors react to their long and short term investment gains and losses.

Everett works with financial professionals in the financial services, insurance and banking industries to assist them in understanding themselves and their clients during both financially difficult, and prosperous times. With specific expertise and training in business, economics and psychology, Everett utilizes the latest research findings and their applications to the real everyday problems encountered by financial advisors and their stakeholders. Everett's consulting and speaking activities in behavioral economics draw heavily from the fields of cognitive psychology, quantum physics, neuroeconomics social psychology, and gain/loss behavioral paradigms. Everett is pragmatic, direct and effective in developing both the latest coping strategies for client well-being and professional financial advisor effectiveness.

Everett has developed a multi-faceted and staged model for understanding and directly managing both the client's needs as well as those of the professional financial advisor.

The Model includes:

  • Understanding uncertainty and crisis theory
  • An insider view of financial trauma and its shock triggers
  • Handling the primary reactions of loss, fear, greed and anger
  • Grief stages and their resolutions
  • Quantum physics and its applications to human behavior and prosperity
  • Working with the neurobiology of emotions
  • A step-by-step program for changing beliefs, thoughts, and actions around finances
  • Developing prosperity consciousness in the "Walking Wounded"
  • Communicational management with difficult Individuals
  • Building and maintaining the stress hardy financial professional

His Services include:

  • Custom designed consultations for organizational growth
  • Client or organizational problems
  • Individual and team coaching
  • Custom designed consultation for troubled investors and the professionals serving them
  • Management of investor decision making
  • Speeches
  • Workshops
  • Office trainings

Some other, more technical, areas of involvement include helping financial advisors and other  financial professionals manage the behavioral economics/finance issues of: herd behavior; greed/fear paradigm; status quo and heuristic driven biases; frame dependence; choice architecture; sunk cost fallacy; bygones principle; disposition effect; momentum investing; intertemporal consumption; endowment effect; and mental accounting effect, to name a few.
Working with Everett brings a beneficial perspective and solution-laden experience that;

  • Assists professional advisors in managing their varied client needs during both rising and declining markets.
  • Brings an expertise that grows organizations and the people managing them
  • Offers real tools to help organizations, professional advisors and their clients make complicated and critical decisions