Consulting to Organizations


Everett provides impeccable and timely solutions to business and management challenges. As he begins each engagement, he moves quickly to assess the strengths of an organization, before turning to any unproductive conflict and distress that may exist. In turn, he trains executives and groups within their organization in problem-solving skills, focusing on those which have contributed most to the business' success.

Areas of his expertise and focus often include:

  • Intra organizational collaboration
  • Negotiation and mediation
  • Change management
  • Communication
  • Selection and development
  • Conflict resolution
  • Team building
  • Systems, structure, process and proceedural development
  • Strategic planning

How the Consultation Works

Everett's unique on-site assessment and active consultation model is simple and effective. His consultations focus on eliminating or greatly reducing incidents of on-going distress and conflict. Similarly, his organizational development consultation works directly within the organization to further develop and enrich company culture.

His practical hands-on process works ensuring that all executives feel considered, and that each has responsibility for the outcome. He has crafted a unique combination of psychological, organizational, systems and business management approaches, techniques and experiences to meet most every organizational challenge.

What Does NOT Happen

  • Confusion to the valuable existing management structures
  • Tampering with existing sound fundamental business processes
  • Meddling with management's good business decisions
  • Disruption of the production/service schedule

What DOES Happen

  • The probability of cost and time overruns is reduced
  • Effective and efficient communication becomes the norm
  • Management's focus and skills increase
  • Creative expression is enhanced
  • Conflicts are reduced and resolved
  • Group cohesion and effectiveness is increased
  • The company's identity and spirit are enlivened