Coaching Services

For over 25 years, Everett has coached executives and advisors in family businesses, partnerships, professional service firms, and closely held, small and medium sized companies. His pragmatic approach to coaching is especially effective in situations such as:

  • High-potential executives who risk derailment
  • Financial service firms, their professional advisors and stakeholders who are managing the entire range of significant economic changes
  • Organizational transitions and succession planning issues
  • Family business transitions and development
  • Partnership development and conflict management
  • Culturally ambiguous organizations
  • Organizational assessment & development needs
  • Executive team building and training
Everett has worked in a wide range of Industries, including accounting, advertising, aerospace, agriculture, aquaculture, automotive, banking, construction, education, energy, entertainment, executive search, financial services, fisheries, foodservice, healthcare, high-tech, hotel, insurance, law, lumber, manufacturing, marketing research, publishing, real estate, retail, tourism and transportation.

Working Together

Everett's work is steeped in helping executives, financial professionals and stakeholders get better business results, while experiencing more personal competency and vitality. Much of Everett's work is grounded in an amalgam of management science, behavioral economics, general systems theory and cognitive/behavioral psychology. He uses a change-driven model that draws on his penchant for achieving a balance between innovation and tradition. It is this balance that generates the momentum for the growth of both executives, advisors, financial professionals and the companies they serve.

The behavioral skills that are developed include:

  • Acting to develop both self and organization
  • Knowing what, where and how to develop
  • Trusting self to accurately identify internal and external triggers for change

The relational skills that are developed include:

  • Thinking objectively about context, content and process
  • Feeling without defensiveness while sharpening focus on the ambient dynamics
  • Seeing without prejudice all that is operating with each and everyone

What Are the Benefits

  • Utilization of a multilayered coaching process that targets the executive's activities, thoughts, philosophy, feelings and spirit
  • Rapid and thorough assessment of both the individual and business; guide the process, whereby the actual work on the problem(s) start sooner
  • Clearly operationalized strategies for remediation
  • Development of a coaching/consultation plan that is consonant with the organization's current strategic business plan
  • Performance metrics that are truly relevant
  • Coaching that is based on the acquisition of skills - personal, relational and business-based
  • A coaching model and direction that comprehensively realigns the trajectory of derailment

What are the Results

  • Executives and advisors learn how to truly delegate and manage others
  • Business communication flows faster, more accurately, and with less potential for misunderstanding in written, face-to-face and electronic forms
  • Executives and advisors who can develop and lead teams, divisions and organizations with a comprehensive understanding of how to plan, what to say, and what to do at critical junctures
  • Executives and advisors who can think about what they are feeling, as well as feel the impact of what they are thinking and doing
  • Executives and advisors with superior conflict management and negotiation skills
  • Executives and advisors who can think independently for the corporate good
Senior executives and advisors that are exquisitely aware of cultural distinctions at both the individual and corporate levels.