Consulting to Partnerships

Everett's specialty is his work with partnerships. While the consultation is usually precipitated by a conflict in the partnership, the issues are invariably long term and chronic.

In his partnership work, he takes an active role in reducing the conflict, increasing the communication and developing an operational and relational understanding of how the partners will change how they will be in business together.

Everett's process begins with coaching all partners and key managers towards a detailed, individual assessment of the challenges facing the organization. He uses proprietary assessment instruments to gauge:

  • Individual partner temperament, style, goals, distractions and liabilities

  • Organizational cohesion

  • Loyalty, honesty, respect, communication

  • All "outside" forces which are influencing the issues

  • All "inside" forces which are influencing the issues

Following the assessment, a plan for remediation and restructuring follows. The plan is comprehensive and covers areas of:

  • Compensation
  • Employment parameters
  • Management
  • Governance
  • Values
  • Ownership
  • Communications
  • Partnership "Prenuptial" Agreement

While the consultation usually identifies solutions and opportunities for continuing the partnership, occasionally it is apparent that the partnership is not viable and its dissolution is the best course. In such situations, Everett works with the partners to carefully, respectfully and advantageously transition the partnership into one of several other, mutually beneficial, alternatives.